Epic Makeup is a global company that provides Beauty Makeup, Men's Grooming and minor FX Makeup for the Film, Television, Commercial, Corporate Video, Live Event, Print and News Media industries.  Opened in 2001 by Melissa Street, a veteran makeup artist with over 30 years of experience, Epic Makeup is based in Southern California and has steadily built a solid reputation as the "go to" artist for several production companies throughout the United States.  Melissa Street is also a Global Educator, Speaker and the creator of "The How Behind The Why - Business Strategies for Makeup Artists" online educational course series.


Melissa Street is a 30 year veteran of the film and t.v. 


She is also the owner of Epic Makeup, which is the go-to makeup team for many production companies throughout the U.S. who work in the Film, Television, Commercial and Corporate Video industry. Melissa and her team are trained in appropriate, on-camera makeup application and use of the best forms of makeup artistry for today's 4K, 6K and 8K cameras. 

Melissa is a 7X Emmy Award Winner and a huge advocate of teaching emerging artists how to be successful in the makeup industry. In addition to providing makeup services to her current clientele, Melissa also holds workshops and guest speaks at events to teach the most up-to-date techniques and practices.

                   7X EMMY AWARD WINNER

                  7X EMMY AWARD WINNER

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